Did You Know? Hopi Farmers

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In New Mexico, the Hopi farmers use dry-land farming for their crops. The current 2021 drought is making it more difficult for the corn to grow. More fascinating facts about the Hopi farmers –

  • Corn is a big part of their life
  • They are dependent on corn to sustain life
  • The Hopi pray for rain to nourish their crops
  • The corn was smaller and harvested earlier this year due to the drought
  • In the past, they have kept four years of corn in storage
  • Now there is no corn to store
  • They have a prayer in their hearts
  • They do not want to become dependent on the grocery store
  • Tradition and culture have kept them going from year to year

Homeschoolers: Sketch/color an illustration. Write about your favorite vegetable. Theme: vegetable gardens. Read the story The Little Red Hen and describe how the wheat was planted.


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