Tired of Social-Distancing?

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Tired of Social Distancing? You are not alone!

What are the best ways to stay connected? The easiest way is to make a phone call by using a landline phone or cell phone. Just use the device’s speakerphone option and any number of people can sit around the phone and easily join in the conversation.

Other ways to talk with your family and friends is through video-calling. You can use a webcam on your computer, cell phone, or tablet if you have an internet or WIFI connection. Just download the free Skype application. Up to ten people can join in the video-call. Apple’s FaceTime app allows you to connect on your iPhone so you can create a free FaceTime video-call. Or you might use WebX or even Zoom (although Zoom has recently encountered security issues.) Look at these other options below.

Find out what you like, is secure, and works best for you, your family and friends! Homeschoolers: draw/color an illustration and record your observations of this current event.






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