Word of the Day – Pandemic

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Do you know the definition for the New Word of the Day, which is “Pandemic”?

Pronounced: [pan-ˈde-mik]

A disease that occurs over a wide geographic area (such as a whole country or the world) and typically affects a significant proportion of the population

  • The Hong Kong Flu claimed 1 million lives in 1968
  • Asian Flu took 1 million lives from 1956-1958
  • Spanish Flu of 1918 killed more than 500 million people
  • Cholera spread killing over 8 million  in 1910 and 1911
  • The Russian flu of 1889 killed over a million people
  • Cholera pandemic of 1852 took a million lives
  • The Bubonic plague (1346-1353) is thought to have claimed as many as 200 million lives
  • The Plague of Justinian was caused by the bubonic plague and killed  more than 25 million between 541 and 542
  • In 165 AD, the Antonine Plague killed over 5 million people

So, Homeschoolers: sketch an illustration and record your observations of these historical events.

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