What Do You See?

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Watch this short video and tell me what you see! It can’t be leaves, is it? So what in the world does that mean? You see all kinds of things going on during autumn, or during the fall. One of them is that leaves begin to fall off of the trees and onto the ground. So what? That means it’s a time of adventure for young children and nature lovers!

Stop what you are doing now! Put on those outside walking shoes. Go for a walk. You can even take your child’s hand to go outside and take a walk. Go walking for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or more. Go outside in the great outdoors before temperatures take a plunge into a different season. Have fun! Explore!

When you get back inside, you can read about the hilarious story of The Golden Goose. Or maybe you might want to begin one of those exciting fall activities your kids have been asking about all summer long. Click HERE for ideas on: the tree project, easy clay leaf bowls, needle-felt a pumpkin, stick dolls, or even kaleidoscope pictures. Just do it!

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