School, School, School

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

Have you ever gone to school? I bet you have. I have. I bet almost everyone has gone to school for at least for one day. I went to elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, and graduate school. Yuck! Sorry, but sometimes that seems like too much school. That’s not entirely true though. Many of us educators enjoy taking a couple of classes every five years in order to renew our teaching certificates.

So are you using anything you learned in school? Do you ever wish you had taken a particular class and dropped the other class?

I remember reading once the saying, “All I ever need to know I learned in kindergarten.” Do you agree? I agree that playing fair, cleaning up your own mess, and sharing are important skills. Hopefully, we also learned some of these things in our homes.

School, school, school. When should we stop going to school? Does it really give us a better job? Or should we drop out of school? Probably most people would say school has some good benefits to it.

Let me end by asking, “how much schooling is enough for you”?

About Martha Quinn

Book author, licensed teacher, master's degree (Reading K-12, Social Studies 7-12). Former homeschooler. Happily married Christian with two terrific children. Loves animals, swimming, music, fishing, gardening, cooking, traveling, exciting movies, good books, and the great outdoors.

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