President George Washington

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Happy President’s Day Homeschoolers & Christian Friends,

   I love to read about George Washington. Don’t you? When I was in elementary school I read a few books about George Washington, the first elected president of the United States. Do you remember having to read a book and write a book report? It’s the same idea today. It’s a good learning tool to discover more about a subject, topic, or person. Instruct your child to include the following sections in his book report:

  • Book Title, Author, Website URL
  • Research Questions
  • Main Character(s)
  • Main Events
  • Setting
  • Moral of the Story
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Conclusion
  • Questions for Further Research

You can make this a little easier by clicking on the free online chapter book about George Washington by William Roscoe Thayer. I hope you enjoy learning more about our first elected president–President George Washington.

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