Free Synonyms for Christian Homeschoolers

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

How is the new year going for you and your homeschooling program? It has been a terrific year for me so far!

Has your child ever been at a lost for words? I have, believe or not! I found a great site for you that can help your child find that special, magical word to write a terrific report for you that will dazzle the socks off of your feet! The link is found at Thesaurus Complete Synonyms.

Let’s also imagine your child in writing a report does not want to use the word “complete” in describing how utterly magnificent it is to receive a complete days pay for a full days work. Well, instead of just looking up at the ceiling and thinking, he clicks on the thesaurus link above. Yea! Success! He finds a whole bunch of words he can use to substitute for the word “complete” in his report.

Below are some of the available features on the online Thesaurus:

  • Click on the picture of the bell and your child will hear the word pronounced to him
  • Click on “see definition of word” to get a full definition
  • Adjective examples
  • Verb examples
  • Complexity sorts synonyms based on their difficulty
  • Length ranks your synonyms based on word count
  • Clicking on the three lined bar like this lll means the synonyms will appear in vertical columns
  • Clicking on the three lined horizontal bar means the synonyms will appear in line order
  • On the right side of the page you will find word origin
  • Usage notes
  • More related words
  • Example Sentences

If you don’t like the online thesaurus, you can always buy a thesaurus book for your child to use in your homeschooling program. Enjoy the world of synonyms, equivalents and metonyms!

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