Free Daily Planners to Use in Your Homeschooling Program

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

calendar-660670Happy New Day! Is organization something that comes easy in your homeschooling program? Or is it something that needs a little help? I found a great site for choosing an appropriate planner. It is called the Organized Student. It provides you with the option of downloading the following planners:

  • daily planner
  • today planner
  • weekly planner
  • monthly planner
  • essay planner
  • assignment planner
  • semester planner
  • goal setter
  • grade tracker
  • month at a glance
  • definitions
  • topics to study
  • task list
  • readings
  • summary
  • monthly budget
  • essay checklist
  • exam checklist

Remember, the purpose of the student planner is to help your child achieve his educational goals. It will help your child to become better organized and to plan ahead. Planners also provide a sense of consistency in your homeschooling program. The essay and exam checklist will assist your child in the area of study skills. Planners can help facilitate communication between you and your student in your homeschooling program.


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