Crossword Puzzles in Your Homeschooling Program

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Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,

Hello! Let’s talk about how to introduce new vocabulary words to your child. One way to do that is through the use of a tool called a “Crossword Puzzle”. You can create your own crossword puzzle for your child. This gives you complete control over the number of new vocabulary words. This will also give your child practice in identifying the correct definitions of the new vocabulary words. I found a great site where you can create a crossword puzzle for your child in the homeschooling program. Just click on PuzzleMaker to create a crossword puzzle.

The five steps in creating your own crossword puzzle are listed below:

  1. Enter the title of your crossword puzzle
  2. Enter the number of squares for your puzzle
  3. Enter the size of the square
  4. Enter the words and clues
  5. Print your crossword puzzle

You will have lots of fun with this online creative tool in your homeschooling program. I successfully used it as a pop quiz for vocabulary words in my reading and social studies classes. It really is underestimated in its importance in the development of vocabulary words. Without sufficient vocabulary words students cannot understand others or express their own ideas.

Crossword puzzles are not only used in the classroom or in the homeschooling program. They are used at baby showers, in Sunday School and by hobbyists. Be creative in designing your own crossword puzzles!



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