Republican & Democratic National Conventions 2016

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers,     The political scene is upon us. Homeschoolers, what are you teaching your child about the role of delegates in the national conventions in electing the next president? The Republican National Convention can be found by clicking on this link Republican HQ National Convention 2016. The Democratic National Convention can […]

See Your What Your Ancestor’s Homeland Looks Like Today

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, How are you today? How much do you know about your mother, father, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and other ancestors? Like you, I am learning more each day. I found a great place to visualize what their neighborhood looks like today. Homeschoolers will especially enjoy taking this step back in […]

Crossword Puzzles in Your Homeschooling Program

Hello Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, Hello! Let’s talk about how to introduce new vocabulary words to your child. One way to do that is through the use of a tool called a “Crossword Puzzle”. You can create your own crossword puzzle for your child. This gives you complete control over the number of new vocabulary […]

Happy Easter Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy Easter my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers, I want to tell you that Heavenly Father and Jesus love you very much! The message of Easter is that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. Jesus is resurrected. He is alive again! Below is a short children’s story called “Jesus is Resurrected” you can read with […]

Happy Election Year, Christian Friends & Homeschoolers!

Happy election year, my Christian Friends & Homeschoolers! You might be asking yourself, “What does it all mean?” Well, in looking at our television sets, newspapers, online articles with comments, and our smartphones; we can’t help but see election year information almost everywhere! Who will be elected?  We will elect the next president of the […]